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with the Convenience of Local Manufacturing

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Our trucks are now curtainsides so customers can unload them quickly with little labor
We design and manage

complex supply chains

of disparate products. ECMD combines the efficiencies of large offshore suppliers with the convenience, flexibility, and reliability of our own
local manufacturing
. That’s the secret that allows us to offer the broadest product lines in the industry, across an array of product categories.

Whereas other suppliers may stock only the 20% of items with the most sales, we stock literally thousands of SKUs of mouldings, boards, stair parts, and building products in our inventory. This means you no longer have to call several suppliers to fill your special orders, just to find the one that has the items you are looking for. That results in simpler, more efficient buying, less labor in your warehouse, and fewer hidden costs for you.

Our in-house manufacturing augments our sources from around the world in several ways. We produce custom mouldings in Any Specie, Any Quantity, Any Profile—including custom radius pieces to finish out the job. We utilize our own manufacturing capability as well as that of other domestic manufacturers to create a smoother, more reliable supply chain for low volume items, as well as insulate our customers from global events like earthquakes, political unrest, and economic instability that can disrupt the operations of other suppliers.

Connect your company to a true managed supply chain with ECMD.