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Standarized processes that reduce cost and increase reliability

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ECMD uses rigorously maintained, standardized processes to reduce costs and increase reliability. We utilize the most advanced technology in the industry to automate purchasing, warehousing, delivery, and many other functions, allowing us to achieve unprecedented service levels for our customers.

We tend to write our own software, so that it automates and matches ECMD's business process, rather than adapt our business to conform to the mandates of some rigid, off the shelf software. For example, we developed our own

warehouse management system

, precisely aligned to our own needs and methodologies, allowing us to dramatically reduce labor costs and eliminate errors in picking, unit building, loading, and delivery.

We use automated, dynamic routing of deliveries on our own truck fleet, meaning you never have to wait "until the truck is full" or for the "next truck to go into your area", as is the case with other suppliers. And we use GPS and fleet routing automation, tightly integrated with the rest of our systems, to monitor deliveries and report their status in real time.

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Today, we are in the midst of the next technological revolution – the convenience of 24 hour mobility. Our Territory Managers use in house-developed software on their iPhones to create quotes, enter orders and view real time pricing and order status. We then took that same technology and refined it for use by our customers, so they can place orders and view real time pricing and order status on their iPhones, iPads, Android devices, PCs, and laptops, anywhere they have data connectivity. Then most recently, we combined those capabilities with an exciting patent-pending innovation called GEARscan, so that now a single barcode on a display or catalog can be scanned and all the associated SKUs be displayed along with their pricing and availability.

We are unique in the building products trade in our laser beam focus on processes and standardization. We actually have a
Business Process Management
department that defines the best way to do each and every task, documents those standardized processes, and oversees training, auditing, and ongoing enforcement of that standardization. In so doing, every employee is ensured of using the best possible way to do each job. This eliminates exceptions, errors, and problems -- all meaning fewer failures and a dramatic reduction in added, hidden costs to you.