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Of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

ECMD began in 1982 as a distributor of finely crafted millwork. In an area renowned for skilled craftsmanship, ECMD's founders knew the reputation of their new company had to live up to its

North Carolina heritage

. And, it has. With sweat, pride and integrity, ECMD now has carved out its place among generations of builders and craftsmen in the state.
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1982 - Our first seven employees

With a foundation of traditional craftsmanship, ECMD has taken this expertise and combined it with state-of-the-art technology and a unique streamlined supply chain model to offer customers the best products reliably delivered using the most efficient methods.

Many of the millwork supply chains that were in place in 1982 no longer exist. When you are in the business of supply chain engineering and management, that change is as big as it gets! As many of the traditional supply chains have been dismantled, some of the companies that were part of those chains also have disappeared. The broad channels of distribution even have changed.

We have undergone dramatic changes over the years as we adapted to new technologies and supply chain concepts to address the rampant pace of change throughout the building materials industry—you could even say that the original East Coast Millwork Distributors no longer exists, either.
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The original sign from the entry gate of our facility in 1982

As one example, consider the major impact of a change in the preferred wood species used in the manufacture of softwood mouldings. In the late 80’s and early 90’s we pioneered the shift from western ponderosa pine to radiata pines from the Southern Hemisphere. Among other things, we located a facility near the Charleston port so we could unload shipping containers and control the movement of the imported products inland. Now, we’re on the early edge of pioneering yet another massive species change to the loblolly (taeda) pine of the U.S., bringing large investments to our North Carolina manufacturing facility to accommodate more domestic production capacity.

As traumatic as these changes are for some, they created opportunities for others, including ECMD. Our team gets excited when we get a glimmer of a new concept that can introduce efficiencies into the supply chain; consequently, we tend to eagerly embrace change rather than timidly run away from it. That makes today's business landscape fit us like a glove.