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"ECMD is so in tune with the supply chain"

Johan Van Tillburg-Tindell's Building Materials


"ECMD is so in tune with the supply chain. They understand our inventory, and they know what we have on our order book. It's way above what you can expect in this industry..."

Johan Van Tilburg, Owner
Tindell's Building Materials

"ECMD is way ahead of the norm with their use of technology and ability to drive efficiencies, resulting in higher levels of service, fewer back orders and higher delivery fill rates that keep us competitive with pricing..."

Van Isley, Owner
Professional Builders

"We hardly ever run into a problem on any order we place. It's always filled completely and we can always expect the order delivered on time..."

Bill Blevins, Owner
Blevins Building Supply

"ECMD gurus are knowledgeable, they're helpful, they know my prices, they provide me quotes on unfamiliar items, and they're pretty quick to get me on and off the phone..."

C.E. Lawton, Owner
Dixie Lumber Company

"ECMD product orders are efficient, accurate and reliable, which makes for happy customers and makes my job easier..."

Danny Talbert, Owner
Talbert Building Supply

"Whether you're in the office, warehouse or on a job site your phone plugs you into the industry-proven and uncommonly reliable homebuilding supply chain. It's an Order Entry System in your pocket..."

Buford Arning, President
Arndt & Herman

"I can order a product from ECMD as late as 5 P.M. and still have it for my customer the next day. That makes us look like we have a massive warehouse..."

Leonard Safrit, Owner
Safrit's Building Supply