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Enhanced by The Principles of Modern Technology

By serving a large market that reaches from coast-to-coast, our separate companies achieve economies of scale while specializing on a single complete product category. Each company is managed and staffed by tightly-focused specialists. Our unique corporate structure lets all four companies operate within a single streamlined supply channel while simultaneously achieving the operating efficiency of a short-line supplier and the broad lines and expert service of a specialist.

Broad offerings satisfy your customer, but together with the detailed nature of the products themselves, they require extraordinary efforts to simplify transactions so they don't bog down solving your customer's problem-of-the-day. The corporate structure of East Coast Mouldings, Crown Heritage Stairs, Arndt & Herman Building Products, and ECMD Distribution allows us to remove many of the complexities from your own daily activities.

The industry's most-capable support and information source is at your beck-and-call to aid with specifications, answer questions, and provide expert advice on installations, code issues, and individual product characteristics. Your customers will appreciate online access to our detailed websites to help them answer questions 24 hours a day.

Your sales and purchasing staffs will appreciate having the option of using either the password-accessed transaction services of our on-line ECMDLink or our mobile ECMDGears app around the clock or our specialized customer service groups that provide expert back up for them during regular business hours.

It is good to know your staff doesn't need to be an expert in every detail in order for your company to succeed in becoming the most complete and capable supply source for your own customer base. For our retail business partners, we utilize that same technology-based infrastructure and culture to manage an unequaled menu of services from logistics to merchandising to point-of-sale analysis.
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"We will combine the ideals of traditional craftsmanship with the principles of modern technology to design innovative supply channels, products and services. By building on this solid foundation of design and craftsmanship, we will enhance the value of our products and services, assuring the long-term success of our customers, employees and suppliers."